A Summary of Your Questions

The majority of the questions submitted for the city center on a few specific things we will address here:

We are nearly at the halfway point on the Our Village, Our Vision project. The purpose in the Our Village, Our Vision project is to update our long-range planning documents to provide a guide for future development including commercial, residential, parks, trails and roadways to ensure they are fiscally beneficial, meet the needs of the community and enhance our quality of life. Community input is an important part of the project, which is why the open house and online engagement opportunities took place at the beginning of the project. Several other pieces of input are included in the project. McAdams and City staff are completing meetings with the business and property owners in the Opportunity Areas and along the FM 407 corridor to hear what they envision for their property in the short and long term. A statically valid survey of our residents is concluding this month. The market analysis of the Opportunity Areas is complete and was part of the information provided in community input activities. All of this information, the community input findings, the property owner input, resident survey, and market analysis will be used by McAdams to develop the proposed plans. Council, City staff and the community will have the opportunity to view those plans and provide feedback before they are finalized.

TxDOT manages the FM 407 and FM 2499 roadways. TxDOT’s planning documents currently show traffic has not met their capacity triggers. FM 407 is at ultimate build. TxDOT planning for FM 407 traffic accounted for approximately 35,000 cars and it is currently at 25,000 cars. FM 2499 Phase 4, which is not funded at this time, has a two-lane expansion that will be constructed sometime in the future. FM 2499 is designed for 43,000 cars and is currently at approximately 30,000 cars.

Flower Mound has hired an engineering consultant to design dual left turn lanes in all directions at the intersection of FM 2499 and FM 407. They are currently in the survey and site plan phase. 30% plans are expected for review late this summer.

The City water and sewer system was designed to provide for our max build-out population of approximately 18,000 people. The City will work with future development to ensure there is capacity in the City water and wastewater systems and if they require upgrades to the various portions of our systems.

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