City Seeks Input on Updates to Master Planning Documents

The City of Highland Village contracted with McAdams to update the City’s planning documents. The City is approaching buildout, and with only 78 acres of undeveloped land, the plans will help make sure the City maximizes the economic benefit from their development and further enhances the quality of life of the residents. The process to update the plans will take approximately 12 months and will include multiple opportunities for public input from residents and the business community, both in-person and online.

We are working with McAdams on five different, and significant, plans.

  1. The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan will include an assessment of existing parks, programs, operations, finance and level of service to identify gaps, create guiding principles and create on-going, short-term/long-term objectives based on local values.
  2. The Trail System Master Plan will include an analysis of existing trails, on-street bicycle network, ADA compliance, cross section and intersection design guidance and wayfinding to develop a ten-year action plan to meet community goals.
  3. The Village Connection: FM 407 Corridor Plan is a ten-year action plan designed to promote development or redevelopment, create a sense of place, implement multi-modal transportation options and connect to existing trails.
  4. The Opportunity Areas Plan will include an analysis of the remaining undeveloped land to identify goals for development options based on market conditions and the fiscal impact to the City, land use and zoning amendments and updates to the comprehensive land use plan to develop implementation strategies.
  5. The Thoroughfare Master Plan will include an analysis of traffic trends, a review of the City's ordinances and polices, traffic demand modeling and develop recommendations.
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