Help Us Build a Better Kids Kastle

3 months ago

In November 2017 the City held a bond election for street and park improvements and the Kids Kastle rebuild was one of the projects identified. Voters approved the project at an estimated base cost of $600,250.00.

Our goal is to use the funds that the voters approved, which will build a nice accessible playground. Our ultimate goal is to build a playground for people of all ages and abilities. This would be a state of the art playground designed to be safe and engaging for families with children of varying capabilities and to allow parents, grandparents, and disabled veterans with limited mobility to actively participate with children and grandkids on the move. We are asking for your help in reaching this goal.

We are seeking sponsorship to help pay for items like:
  • Improved surfacing that will allow adults and kids with limited mobility to easily traverse across the surface unlike engineered wood fiber which does not allow for a smooth, stable, and consistent surface for wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility aids.
  • Larger, covered seating area
  • Additional play features like the Woodland Fort Climber and Climbing Caterpillar
  • Upgraded or larger inclusive merry-go-round, which will accommodate children of varying capabilities.
This new vision of an All-Abilities Playground will better support social interaction, cognitive development and will promote and encourage inclusion with kids and adults with special needs. In addition, it helps children develop empathy towards children with special needs while playing with each other. We wish to build a playground for kids and adults with all abilities on all levels, where children and adults with disabilities can engage with their peers and feel welcomed.

We're ready to partner with you! Contact us if you have questions. Sponsorship information